50 Mile / 55K Challenge

Welcome to the 50M/55K challenge! 
You will now be able to sign up for BOTH the 50-mile race (on Friday) and the 55K race (on Saturday) with just one click.  This option will also give you a nice discount too.  But wait, there's more!
Entrants in the 50M/55K challenge will be tracked separately. That means that we now have yet another new race category!  Yes, your finishing times will still count towards the 50-mile and 55K races, but you will also be tracked in a separate race category - One that is only for those brave enough to sign up for TWO tough races in one weekend!  The cumulative times will be tracked in a separate finisher's roster. 
But WAIT! There's still MORE!
Finishers of the 50M/55K events will also receive a unique, bad-ass prize at the finish line on Saturday.  The prize will be unveiled later, but trust me, it will be uniquely Badger-esque.
Be sure and visit both the 55K and 50-mile race tabs for info. All entrants will be expected to know the details of both races.