50 Miler

Race Date: Friday, March 22, 2023 - 7:00 AM 
Registration will open December 2, 2023.  Click here to register.
"Late" registration is March 11 - 18.
There is no opportunity to register after March 18. 

Entry: Includes entry into the running of the Badger Mountain Challenge 50-Mile Endurance Run, one goody bag with an assortment of swag from event sponsors, access to fully stocked aid stations, drop bag transport, some post-race grub, access to race photos, and a commemorative finishers medal!  Tech tees are $20 more and can be purchased at registration check-out. 
Late registration is from 3/11-3/18 and is $10 more.  Late registrants may not receive a medal or a shirt at the event.  Click on the registration tab to sign up!

Packet pick up: at Runner's Soul at 5020 W. Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick on Thursday, March 21, from 12pm-7pm.
If they're not picked up Thursday they will be at the race start Friday morning.  Please come to the start early if you can't get your packet on Thursday.

Friday morning schedule:
Check in / Drop bag drop-off: 5:30-6:30 AM at the Badger Mtn. Trailhead Park gravel parking lot located at the corner of Queensgate Drive and White Bluffs St. (1294 White Bluffs St. Richland, WA) or (46.238506, -119.306361)
Pre-race Briefing: 6:40-7:00 AM (shut up and listen!)
Race Start time: 7:00 AM - same time as the 100-milers.
Early start time: the 50-milers do not need an early start.

The Course: The course consists of single track trails, rocky and rolling jeep trails, dirt roads, and short stretches of pavement on and around Badger and Candy Mountains, and the scenic Horse Heaven Hills. 
The 50-mile race starts at the same time as the 100-mile race and both are run concurrently.  The 100 milers continue on for a second loop.  The route has some rough jeep roads and also some nice single track trail, and also some steep, challenging climbs. There are a few short paved road sections but good aid station (A/S) and crew access. The entire 50 mile course has approximately 7.5 total miles of pavement but the rest is on dirt and rock. There are several steep 800'-1000' climbs with the lowest elevation around 500' and the highest at 2000'. Several sustained climbs make the cumulative elevation gain near 8,000' (since it's an out & back course there's also 8,000' of elevation loss for a total of 16,000' of elevation change). This region is unique in that there are very few native trees so a person can see for miles in all directions, but that means that it can also be very windy on the ridges. The course will be well marked with flagging and reflective tape at night.

Aid Stations: Located every 3-7 miles and stocked with electrolyte drink, warm food, and all the goodies you'll need. We should have all the supplies that you need to keep you on the trail. If there is anything specific that you will need let the race director know and we will try to make sure we have it. There will also be a few specified A/S's where your drop bags will be waiting for you.
To see the updated chart with detailed info about each aid station, please click HERE.

Drop Bags: There is just one drop bag location available for the 50 miler, but you will pass by this location 2 times:
The "McBee Parking" area can be accessed at miles 18 and 31. 
There will be a drop bag drop-off area at the check-in area on race morning, and they will be transported to McBee Parking for the runner. Please make sure that your name, bib number and "McBee Parking / 50-miler" is clearly written on each drop bag.  We will do our best to get the drop bags back to the start/finish area ASAP, but we can't guarantee how long it will take.

Cut-offs: The 50-mile race has a very generous cut-off.  The course does not close until 3:30 pm on Saturday (which is the 100-mile race cut-off).  Please understand though that if we're short on volunteers aid stations may be shut down or unmanned. We will make every effort to keep all aid stations open until each runner gets through.
Runners cannot leave the course and return.  If a runner leaves the course they will be disqualified. 
This is definitely not an easy course. It is strongly recommended that those who enter this 50 miler have completed at least one mountainous 50k race, or multiple marathons and a flatter 50k and have trained properly for hills and inclement weather, or they will have a hard time and may not finish. There is no qualifying race for BMC so please do your homework and be prepared. 
When a runner gets to an A/S and feels that going further is not an option it is best to just sit down, eat, and drink, and eventually the runner will be revitalized.  As a last resort a runner always has the option to DNF and can catch a ride back to the finish from an A/S volunteer but you will likely regret it. If a runner does end up dropping from the race it is extremely important that the runner informs the A/S volunteers.

Pacers: Pacers don't have to register. They can get their bib at Runners Soul during packet pick-up the day before, or they can get one at the start/finish after the race has started. 
Each runner can have one pacer at a time to help them complete the run. Pacers can enter the race only after their runner has reached McBee Parking Aid Station the second time. They may also join their runner at any of the crew-accessible aid stations after mile 30 (Candy Mtn.).  It is important to let the aid station volunteers know where the pacer is meeting the runner and for how long the pacer will be with the runner so we can keep track of all of those on the course.  Pacers may eat from the aid stations, but remember it's not a free buffet, the food is there for the paid entrants.  Please plan on bringing some of your own food too!

Click HERE for updated driving directions to the crew accessible aid stations. 

Course Map: A link to the overall map of the 50 mile course is here
Overall map 50 mile course:

Profile is below.  Click here for a downloadable link.

for a copy of the 50-mile course .gpx file, click here

Weather:  Suffice it to say, the weather during the Badger Mtn. Challenge is anything but predictable.  It's true that the course is quite hilly with rugged trail sections, but the weather is the main cause of our high DNF rate (in 2015 and 2016 our 100 miler finishing rate was just 34%).  It can range from beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees, or it could be 35 degrees with 40 mph winds, rain, and white-out fog conditions.  It's VERY important that you come prepared with proper clothing.  It's not uncommon for some runners to experience hypothermia during this event, especially up on McBee ridge.

Awards: Special awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female finishers to help signify their hard work, athleticism, and ability to endure.  All finishers will receive a 50 mile finishers medal.

RULE CLARIFICATION: 100-mile or 100K runners that drop down to the 50-mile distance ARE NOT eligible for podium finishes.  If you are running in the top 3 in the 50-mile race and a 100-mile or 100K runner passes you and then drops down to the 50-mile race at the start/finish they will not take your podium finish from you.

Accommodations: Click here for a list of hotels in the area. The closest airport is in Pasco (PSC).
 Drive Times to Richland:
Seattle WA- 3.5 hours 
Tacoma WA - 3.75 hours 
Vancouver WA - 3.5 hours 
Spokane WA - 2.25 hours 
Portland OR - 3.5 hours 
Coeur D'Alene ID - 3.0 hours 
Boise ID - 4.5 hours