Ready to step up to the ultramarathon distance? 
(55K = approx. 34 miles)

Next Race Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2021. 7:00 AM. This race will start in waves approx. 2-minutes apart. You will be notified of your wave start time later.
Registration will open on February 1st, 2021.
"Late" registration is March 13th - 19th.  There is no opportunity to register after the 19th.
If you were signed up for the 2020 race you MUST re-register for the 2021 race. You should've received an email in mid-January giving you a link to go to for free sign-up.  If you can't find this email contact the race director ASAP. 
Because of Covid the number of entrants will be capped.

The 2021 BMC 55K race is a UTMB qualifier worth 2 points. 

Packet pick up: at Runner's Soul in Kennewick at 5020 W. Clearwater Ave. on Friday, March 26th from 12pm-7pm.  Packet pick up will be curb-side only. If you need to go into Runners Soul for any goodies or any new shoes please do! But your packet will not be available inside. It is only available curb-side outdoors.
If you can't make it to packet pick up, please come to the race start early on race day to get your packet and to get checked in.

Race Day schedule:  Saturday, March 27th, 7:00AM. The race will be started in waves of 10 approx. 2-minutes apart. You will have a chance to pick your wave time. 
Check in / drop bag drop-off / Starting line: 6:00-6:45AM at the Badger Mtn. Trailhead Park gravel parking lot located at the corner of Queensgate Drive and White Bluffs St. (1294 White Bluffs St. Richland, WA) or (46.238506, -119.306361)
Pre-Race briefing: 6:40-6:55AM (shut up and listen)
Start time: 7:00am. The race will start in waves of 10, approx. 2-minutes apart. 
Course closes: 3:30pm
Early start: 6:00am (contact race director ASAP if you need an early start)

Cut-off: there will be an 8.5 hour cut-off for this distance (9.5 hours for the early starters).  Remember, the race is actually closer to 34 miles than 31.

Entry fee: $70 for trail race only, or $90 for race and a tech fabric race shirt. This also includes one goody bag with an assortment of swag from event sponsors while supplies last, timing, access to fully stocked aid stations, drop bag transport, post race food, porta-potties, access to free race photos, and a commemorative finishers medal!  Click here to go to the registration page.

Late registration: is from 3/13 - 3/19 and is $10.00 more. We cannot guarantee a shirt for late entrants.  After 3/19 there is no entry available.

Course: A course map is posted below. 
The course consists of footpaths, multi-use trails, dirt roads, and short stretches of pavement on and around Badger and Candy Mountains.  This race is actually closer to a 55K than a 50K.  The course is again going to be an out and back.  The surface is a rough jeep track and some nice single track. There are several steep 600'-900' climbs with the low elevation around 550' and the highest is about 1500'.  A few sustained climbs make the cumulative elevation gain near 4,100-feet (for a total of 8,200-feet of elevation change). There are two short paved road sections in this race.  One is 1/4 mile and the other is 2.5 miles. 
This region is unique in that there are very few native trees so a person can see for miles in all directions. Remember to dress properly as it can be very windy and wet on the ridges as runners from our 2015 race can attest to! 
This is not an easy course. It is recommended that those who enter the 55k race have completed at least few marathons and have trained properly for the hills and running on very rough terrain, or they could have a hard time.
Click HERE for a downloadable, detailed course map.
Course maps (click on image):
Course Profile:

For a copy of the 55K course .gpx file, click here

Aid: There will be aid stations at the following locations:
1. Start/Finish
2. Candy Mountain aid station
3. Jacobs Road aid station - drop bag location
4. Orchard aid station
5. Field Road turnaround (no aid here any longer, just a turnaround)
Aid stations are located every 4-6 miles and stocked with electrolyte drinks and water, and all the goodies you'll need.  It's recommended that you carry either a 16-20 oz. handheld water bottle, or a hydration pack with you.  It can be upwards of 90 minutes between aid stations.  Click HERE for the updated aid station chart (aid station chart is being revamped and will be posted soon).
Click HERE for the driving directions to crew-accessible aid stations NO CREW ALLOWED IN 2021

Drop bags: If you need a drop bag for the 55K race, bring it to the race start early with your name clearly marked on it, and we will have it waiting for you at the Jacobs Road aid station.  You will pass thru this aid station twice (miles 10 and 24).  You can use your drop bag to stash a coat that you wore from the start in case you get too warm, or to keep extra layers handy if the weather turns ugly.  Early starters can also drop their headlamps at their drop bags.  
Please make sure that your name, bib number and "Jacobs Road A/S" is clearly written on each drop bag.  We will do our best to get the drop bags back to the start/finish area ASAP, but we can't guarantee how long it will take.

Award: Special awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female finishers. All finishers will receive a commemorative finishers medal to help signify their hard work .

Train harder. Go further.