Photos and Reports

Photos from our 4 amazing photographers are here!

Photos from our five race photographers are here! (Thank you again for the help FotoRuby!)
Cool video created by Ben Bechen is here!

Photos from our SIX race photographers are here!
15K photos from Stephanie here
Video of the 50-mile race from Marilyn J here
50-mile race re-cap from Bryan Rosenburg here
Awesome aerial preview of the course from Bryan Rosenburg here.
Jason gets interviewed on the Miles, Mountains & Brews podcast here 
Jason gets interviewed on the Single Track Podcast by Mathias Eichler: here

Photos from our three race photographers are here! (Thank you for the help FotoRuby!)
Video from The Lost Compass here!
Race report of the 100-mile race from Arnab Banerjee is here
Video from Mike Durkin (Ultra Trail Blazers) here
Race report by Kyle Stewart here
Video of the 50-mile race by Wes Plate here
Race report by Amit Bhosle here
Check out this video put together by McCurley Subaru! Click here

Chris Ruby's (FotoRuby)  
Spencer Reathaford's photos here   
Eastern Oregon Sports Training
Dennis Mullen's are here  
Bill Hopkins' photos are here 
Video of the 2019 event from Explore More Northwest:
Promo video for 2019 race:
Podcast with Michael Linscott: 

Photos are HERE!  and they're still free!!  Thank you to our 3 on-course photographers for their amazing work! 
Photos are HERE!  Thank you to all that participated in this year's BMC!
-Here are some photos of the 2015 race shot by our favorite photographer / volunteer Miranda B!
-Finish photos and other shots of race day are available to view and purchase directly from the Photographer, Kevin J. Salisbury HERE
-HERE are some photos of the 100 mile aid stations and racers from our volunteer Miranda Bachman.
-Here's another link to some more great pics taken by another one of our wonderful volunteers, Holland Gidney!

Photos of finishers are at the McCurley Subaru dealership in the Autoplex in Pasco