Interested in volunteering?  Please click this link to go to the registration page and click the "volunteer" button, or email our volunteer coordinator at: Badger.mountain.volunteering@gmail.com
 And, THANK YOU ahead of time for offering your valuable time and energy to help out!  Without your help this race wouldn't happen.  No, literally, it would not happen!
All volunteers should download and read this important info. Click Here.
If you plan on volunteering for either the 50K, 50-mile or 100-mile race, you're invited to attend the pre-race dinner on Thursday March 28th at 5:00 pm, the evening before the race.  The location is at Bethel church at 600 Shockley Road in Richland.
Immediately after the pre-race dinner at 6:30 (the dinner is primarily a Q&A session for the runners), there will be an all-volunteer meeting.  All volunteers that are helping out with the ultra-distance races are STRONGLY encouraged to come to this meeting as we'll be distributing equipment, maps, tips for helping out, phone numbers for contacting people, etc.