When is the Badger Mountain Challenge?
The 100 mile and 50 mile events start simultaneously on Fri., March 29th, 2019 at 7:00 am.
The 50k event starts at 7:00 am on Saturday, March 30th and the 15k starts at 8:00 am on Saturday. 
All events except the 15k have a 1-hour early start.  Contact the Race Director ASAP if you want an early start.

How much does it cost?
If you enter before the late registration period the fee is $25 for the 15k, $60 for the 50k, $80 for the 50 mile, and $140 for the 100 mile Endurance Run.  Fees go up March 15th.  The t-shirt is included in the 100-mile race fee, but the other races have an additional $12 fee for the optional shirt.  There is also a small fee for online processing thru Ultrasignup.com.  Check the individual race tabs for actual pricing as costs may change.
How do I enter?
You can only enter online via Ultrasignup beginning November 1. There is no paper mail-in registration.  The "Late" registration period starts March 15th and ends March 22nd.  Late registrants may not get a shirt!  There is no registration after March 22nd.  Click on the "registration & rules" tab to go to Ultrasignup. 

Where do I pick up my race number and packet?
All packets for the 100 and 50 mile race can be picked up on Thursday the 28th at Runner's Soul from 12:00 to 5:00pm.  After 5:00 you can pick them up at the pre-race dinner from 5:00 to 6:30pm.  The dinner will be held at Bethel Church in Richland. 
Packets that are not picked up on Thursday will be brought to the race start on Friday morning. Please come to the race start an hour before your event to check in and claim your packet!  
The 50k and 15k runners can pick up their packets on Friday the 29th at Runner's Soul from 12:00 to 7:00pm.  If you can't make it you can get your packet on Saturday morning before the race (show up an hour early!!!)  Please come to the race start an hour before your event to check in and claim your packet!
If you come to pick up your packet late, you may not get a goody bag as they are first come, first serve.

When does the course close?
The courses close at 3:00pm on Saturday for all runners except the 50K.  The 50K course closes at 3:30.  See the "rules and regulations" page for more details.

Can I volunteer if I don't want to race this year?
YES PLEASE!!!!!  Go to the "Volunteering" tab for more details.  Volunteers who sign up before March 18th get a free shirt, free food at the finish line, 4 million "Thank You's" and either a free entry into next years 15k, or a reduced entry fee for an ultra-distance event.  Plus you're invited to the pre-race dinner!  After the pre-race dinner with the runners we'll have a volunteer meeting and then hand out gear and instructions.
Also, you get the RD's never-ending gratitude (which may or may not include a hug), and finally, helping out runners is fun! 
to sign up to volunteer, email us at Badger.mountain.volunteering@gmail.com  - or click here.

Is there late registration?
Late online registration is available March 15th through March 22nd.  There is an additional fee for registering during the late period.  Registration closes March 22nd, no exceptions.

Do I get a shirt when I enter? 
The 100-miler race fee includes a t-shirt, but the other races don't.  The t-shirts are $12.00 additional and can purchased when you register online.  The cut-off for being guaranteed a t-shirt is March 12th.  There may be extra shirts for sale at the finish in the park for $20.

Where is the nearest airport to fly into?
The Pasco (PSC) airport is only 15 minutes away. There are runners coming from Spokane (a 2.5 hour drive) and the Seattle area (3.5 hours away).  Carpooling is a great way to save costs!

Where does the race start?
The start and finish for the 100 & 50-mile and the 50K races will be at Trailhead Park on the Northeast side of Badger Mt. Click here for a map of the location. The address is 525 Queensgate Drive, Richland, WA.
The 15k runners start at Bethel church, well downhill of Trailhead Park so that they can get thinned out into a single stream of runners before hitting the single track trail (thus avoiding a bottleneck).  Bethel church is at the corner of Shockley Rd. and Keene Rd.
Where can I park?
    Parking on Saturday is very limited so please carpool if possible. There will be parking assistants helping you find a place to park in the Bethel Church parking area and along Shockley Rd. at the bottom of the hill.  Please do not block anyone's driveway!!!  Also follow all rules of the road.  Remember that the park at the start/finish is adjacent to residences!

Can someone pick up my race number for me?
Yes, but they need to have your name (the exact name used to enter), and birthdate. If you pick up a number for someone else, make sure he/she knows you're doing so.

I'm a hiker. Do you accept hikers?
Yes! Many of the 15k Challengers are hikers.  Hikers will have a difficult time finishing the longer races within the allotted time.

How do I find lodging information?
For Tri-Cities lodging info, click here.

Is there camping at the start/finish?
Yes, we have permission to camp at Trailhead Park for a $10 fee per night per tent or RV.  Please contact the race director directly and ask for a camping pass.

Where are the porta-potties?
There will be several porta-potties at the start for last minute emergencies. There is also a nice men's and women's restroom at Trailhead Park. There will also be a porta-potty at: A/S#2 (mile 4 for the 50k, 50 and 100 milers), Jacobs Road A/S, Field Road A/S, and also at the McBee Parking A/S.

Are there directions to the crew-accessible aid stations for the 50 and 100 milers?  Yes, go to the race tab above and click on the "crew directions" link within. 

Are Dogs allowed?
Our standard policy is that yes, dogs are allowed to accompany runners provided the runner takes responsibility for their dogs actions, and the dog is well-mannered and does not interfere with other runners or other dogs.  Please be aware that it's the policy of the "Friends of Badger Mountain" that all dogs on Badger Mtn. be on a leash and that you clean up after them.
Finally, a word of warning.  As you know there are a LOT of people on the mountain on race day doing the 15k.  I'm sure your dog is very well-mannered, but I worry that while you are passing another entrant or another person is passing you that your dog may get tripped over.  The trail is only wide enough for two people so please take that into consideration.  If you're comfortable doing it with your dog then he/she is more than welcome.

What if a runner needs medical help?
There will be first-aid kits at 50k, 50 mile and 100 mile aid stations for those runners that need minor first aid assistance on the course. There will also be first aid at the finish to take care of any needs.  Nearly the entire course has cell service so call 911 if it's an emergency!

Is there food available after the race? 
Yes, there will be food for the runners such as free hot dogs, chili, quesadillas, fruit, water, and cookies free for all entrants.

Where do race proceeds go?
The proceeds from the BMC go to several local non-profit groups that help maintain our trails and conserve the outdoors for recreation, and also our scholarship.

Any other Questions?
If your questions have not been answered here (or in the rest of this website) you can email your questions directly to the BMC Race Director at Jasonreathaford@gmail.com