When is the Badger Mountain Challenge?
The 100 mile event starts on Fri., March 28th, 2014 at 7:00am. The 50k event starts at 7:00am on Sat, March 29st and the 15k starts at 8:00am on Saturday.

How much does it cost?
If you enter before the late registration the fee is $25.00 for the 15k, $45.00 for the 50k and $135.00 for the 100 mile Endurance Run. There is also a small fee for online processing.
How do I enter?
You can only enter online via Ultrasignup beginning in November. There is no mail-in registration. The early online registration deadline is March 8th, 2014

Can I pick up my race packet on race day if I don't make to Runners Soul on Friday?
Yes, all packets that are not picket up on Friday will be brought to the start on Saturday morning.  Please come an hour before your event.

How can I volunteer if I don't want to race this year?
Please fill out this form to volunteer. Volunteers who sign up in time get a free shirt, free food at the finish line, and a free entry into next years 15k event.  Plus, helping out runners is fun!
Is there late registration?
Late online registration is available March 8th through March 24th and is $5.00 more for each race.

Do I get a shirt when I enter? 
Only If you pay for one, the shirts are $18.00 and can purchased when you register. The cut-off for getting a shirt is March 8th. There will be extra shirts for sale at the finish in the park for $20.

 Where is the nearest airport to fly into?
The Pasco (PSC) airport is only 15 minutes away. There are runners coming from Spokane (a 2 hour drive) and the Seattle area (3 hours away).  Let the RD know if you need help finding a carpool.

Where does the race start?
The start and finish for the races will be at Trailhead Park on the Northeast side of Badger Mt. Click here for a map of the location. This website can also provide directions for you.

Where can I park?
    Parking is more limited so please carpool if possible. There will be parking assistants helping you find a place to park in the Bethel Church parking area and along Shockley Rd.  Please do not block anyone's driveway!!!

Can someone pick up my race number for me?
Yes, but they need to have your name (the exact name used to enter), and birthdate. If you pick up a number for someone else, make sure he/she knows you're doing so.

I'm a hiker. Do you accept hikers?
Yes! Many of the 15k Challengers are hikers.

How do I find lodging information?
For Tri-Cities lodging info, click here.

Is there camping at the start/finish?
Yes, we have permission to camp at Trailhead Park for a $10 fee per tent or RV. The fees will be collected before the start on race day.

Where are the porta-potties?
There will be several porta-potties at the 15k/50k start for the last minute emergencies. There is also a nice men's and women's restroom at Trailhead Park for the 100 mile start. There will also be a porta-potty at: A/S#2 (mile 3.5 for the 50k and 100 mile), and the Sunset Road A/S (mile 15.5 for the 50k and 100 mile).

Are there directions to the crew-accessible aid stations for the 100 milers? Click HERE.

What if a runner needs medical help?
There will be first-aid kits at 50k and 100 mile aid stations for those runners that need minor first aid assistance on the course. There will also be a medical tent at the finish to take care of any needs.  The entire course has cell service so call 911 if it's an emergency!

When does the course close?
The course closes at 3:00pm on Saturday.

Is there food available after the race? 
Yes, there will be soups, quesadillas, fruit, water, doughnuts, and cookies free for all runners.

Where do race proceeds go?
The proceeds from the BMC go to local non-profit groups that help conserve the outdoors for recreation.

Any other Questions?
If your questions have not been answered here (or in the rest of this website) you can email your questions directly to the BMC Race Director at badgermtchallenge@gmail.com