Quad Challenge

What is the Quad Challenge?
Any runner who completes all four of the Badger Mountain races (15K, 55K, 50 mile and 100 mile) will receive a special award (currently a custom embroidered Craft brand running jacket).
You can finish those 4 distances in any order, any year.
You MUST notify the Race Director if you are close to completing the Quad Challenge (preferably before you finish your 4th event).
The ruck division races count the same as the regular races towards completing the quad.
Your participation in the quad challenge is not tracked until you make it known that you are interested. In other words, we don't know that you've done the Quad unless you tell us.

As of 2022 we have had just 21 quad finishers! (8 females & 13 males)

In 2017 Brendan Thompson became the FIRST finisher of the Quad Challenge. Brendan's times were:
50k; 4:14:52 in 2012
15k; 55:29 in 2015
50-miler; 8:45:52 in 2016
100-miler; 19:28:51 in 2017
Total = 33hours, 25minutes
Brendan at the 100-mile finish
In 2018 we had FOUR finishers:
David Elsbernd
Patrick Grengs
Joel Hopkins
Dale Peterson

In 2019 we had THREE more finishers!
Dan Hansen (the first to do the quad in descending order = 100, 50M, 50K, 15K)
Greg Spike
Dominique Wilmore (our FIRST FEMALE quad finisher!!)

In 2021 we had SEVEN finishers!!
Miranda Bachman
Nichole Burmester
Tabatha Collins
Lance Harpe
Christie Hayes
Gwen Scott
Nathan Stroh

In 2022 we had SIX finishers!
Lisa Green
Sean Harrasser
Jill Hudson
Rich Leggett
Dave Molenaar
Patrick Mackler

The four different distances can be completed in any order, in any year.