Badger Mountain Quad Challenge

The Badger Mountain Quad Challenge!
Any runner who completes all four of the Badger Mountain races (15K, 50K, 50 mile and 100 mile) will receive a special award.  In 2017 Brendan Thompson became the FIRST (and so far the only) finisher of the Quad Challenge.  For his efforts he was awarded a custom embroidered Craft brand jacket.
Brendan's times were:
50k; 4:14:52 in 2012
15k; 55:29 in 2015
50-miler; 8:45:52 in 2016
100-miler; 19:28:51 in 2017
Total = 33hours, 25minutes
Brendan at the 100-mile finish

The four different distances can be completed in any order in any year.  Contact the Race Director directly for more information.