The park where camping is available for the race is at Trailhead Park (at the start / finish).  It is a city park and they only allow camping on the night(s) of the race (Thursday night and Friday night - no there is no camping on Saturday night).

Thursday night (the night before the 50 & 100-milers start) is pretty quiet - although we do start setting up in the park at 5:00 AM or so on Friday.

Fair warning!f  On Friday night there's a lot of light, noise & activity in the park as it's also the finish for the 50 & 100-milers. There are darker corners to go camp in, but we can't guarantee a good nights sleep!

The good news is, there is a restroom with flush toilets there!

The best way to get a camping spot is to come see the Race Director at the pre-race dinner on Thursday night.  He will have the camping passes with him. They're $10.

The park only allows camping on the night(s) of the race and at no other time.

Thank you!